Original paintings for sale

The original paintings below are all available for purchase. Please contact the artist to find out more.

If you are interested in purchasing prints on canvas, please visit the shop.

City Tree- Ellen Coup Depth of a Puddle- Ellen Coup Faith in Emergency
City Tree  $900
60cm x 44cm,
Oil on canvas covered board.
Depth of a Puddle  $2800
123cm x 104cm, Oil on canvas.
Faith in Emergency  $3200
170cm x 65cm, Oil on canvas.
City Tree- Ellen Coup South Coast - Winter - Ellen Coup Wind Finger
Free Park  $800
50cm x 39cm, Oil on canvas covered board.
South Coast, Winter  $2600
120cm diameter, Oil on circular board.
Wind Finger  $3300
170cm x 95cm, Oil on canvas.
Incoming Fog - Ellen Coup Leaf on the Torrent Leaf on the Torrent
Incoming Fog  $900
74cm x 20cm, Oil on board.
Leaf on the Torrent  $500
98cm x 31cm, A. out of triptych.
Rock in the Stream $500
98cm x 31cm, Oil on board.
  Cubed $2800
124cm x 117cm, Oil on canvas.

All artwork is at the price listed plus postage and packaging (this will vary for each piece). Please contact the artist directly for further information: ellen@ellencoup.com