Paintings by Ellen Coup

Ellen describes her paintings as ‘contemporary realism’. Her works are a variety of sizes and shapes and subject matter. To find out more about Ellen's commission work, please click here: PAINTINGS ON COMMISSION. Or you can purchase original paintings and print via the following pages: Original paintings | Canvas prints or visit Ellen's Pinterest pages to view more paintings: Ellen Coup Pinterest


I absolutely love the artwork, after looking at it for so long at Polo Café. And everyone who comes into my house loves it!! Andrew

My husband commissioned Ellen to paint a canvas of our house in Christchurch. I was absolutely thrilled with the end result! In paint, Ellen had captured our home and not just a painting of a house. Love it. We haven’t tired of our beautiful painting. Shari

Your painting of Wellington from Tinakori Hill fits so well into our space. As a memory of my 12 years at Victoria University of Wellington it always reminds me of the Wadestown to City environment I walked though all those years. Bob

I met Ellen in 2005. I had a long blank window area in my workroom after an apartment building had gone up next door and a light bulb went on. Ellen came to see us. We discussed my thoughts on a strip view of Wellington to fill the void. She came back with a photo montage, of a vista from Mornington, to the inner harbour. I got very excited. Ellen measured it all up and went away. Some weeks later she appeared with three long boards, exquisitely detailed and vibrant with colour. They are mounted, end to end, on a frame in that window area and I catch myself still, grinning in delight, what a triumph! Brian