Commission an Artwork

All murals are commissions, and any project will be considered. Ellen relishes the challenges and diversity of custom mural painting, consulting with clients to arrive at an artwork they’ll enjoy for years to come. Likewise, canvases in oil or acrylic, may be commissioned artworks. Developed in consultation with the client, designed to be the right size, subject, and mood for their needs. » Read more about Paintings on Commission.

THE DESIGN PROCESS for Paintings or Murals

  1. Consultation
  2. Looking at client's images
  3. Initial drawings
  4. Client feedback, consultation
  5. Final drawing, agreement
  6. Finished artwork

Painting: Cubist Cuba

Cuba Cuba Cuba
Initial drawings Initial drawings Final drawing Finished painting

Murals: North end of “Cafe Rata” mural, Zealandia

Zealandia Zealandia Zealandia Zealandia
Initial drawings Initial drawings Final drawing Finished mural

To purchase any original paintings or canvas prints, please visit the following pages: Original paintings | Canvas prints